British School of English - Bari

The British School of Bari è anche centro preparazione per gli esami dell'Università di Cambridge (Cambridge ESOL), per tutti gli esami di lingua inglese.


65th anniversary of foundation of british school of bari


Sono tutti specializzati e con diversi anni di esperienza

  • Ruben

Ruben is from London, where he has been teaching for 15 years. He loves Bari and Puglia.

  • Damir

Damir has been studying in London and Cambridge for the past 11 years and has just finished a PhD in Sociology

  • Cathy

An American teacher from Philadelphia with a Bachelors degree and dual certification in teaching, including special education. Cathy is very organised and responsible. She has a very professional relationship with her students and their parents.

She loves sunbathing by the sea and spending quality time with her children.

  • Jeannette

Jeannette comes from California. She is specialised in teaching children. She has a beautiful trullo near Monopoli and goes there whenever she can.

  • Diane

Diane is a multilingual teacher who has spent her time between America, France and Italy. She has been teaching English and French for twenty years. She loves her dog.

  • Julian

After finishing his degree at Oxford University Julian spent several years teaching English in Bari before moving to Australia where he has been teaching in universities. He has returned to Bari because he has always loved Bari and Puglia. Julian also loves music and is an accomplished guitarist.