British School of English - Bari

The British School of Bari è anche centro preparazione per gli esami dell'Università di Cambridge (Cambridge ESOL), per tutti gli esami di lingua inglese.


65th anniversary of foundation of british school of bari

Dicono di noi

La miglior scuola di inglese di Bari, i cui corsi hanno messo le basi per la mia carriera e il mio percorso accademico e professionale all'estero. Ringrazio ancora questi bravissimi docenti che mi hanno insegnato ad esprimermi in inglese con precisione e completezza.
Vivamente consigliata a chiunque voglia intraprendere un percorso ed imparare delle nuove lingue.

Gioia Mastrandrea



I have lived in London since September 2010. Attending your school was a turning point for my professional life. I barely knew how to say "my name is Michele" before! - Michele Natrella PhD, CEng MIET - Specialist at Leonardo - Honorary Senior Research Fellow at UCL


I like British School and it has good teachers. I'm very happy to stay with them. - Giorgia (10 anni)



The British School is a very important school where we learn the English. The teachers are good. - Pierluigi (11 anni)



In the British School the teacher is very good, it is where you learn very good English. - Mario (10 anni)



We have been doing this English course since last October. It's my first course in this school, while it's the fourth one for Daniela. We have improved our English both in speaking and in writing a lot, or we hope so, at least! - Maria Teresa & Daniela



I have learnt to express myself in English. This course has been a positive learning experience! - Irma



I've been attending British School for two years now. It was the first time that I'd been learning English. Now I understand, I read and write in English quite well. It's been a good experience for me. Lately I had an interview and I received compliments for my English ….. it was incredible! - Tiziana



In the British School there are a lot of nice teachers and happy students. - Federica (10 anni)



In the British School you learn English, the teacher is very good and I'm happy to learn English. - Claudio (10 anni)


I live and work in Bari. I have studied English for five years at the secondary school. It wasn't enough, because I haven't had occasion to practice the language. I decided to begin a course at the British last October. I choosed it because it was nearer to my office, but especially for the global immagine received when I came to British to ask some information.
I started from first level. After seven months I can say to be satisfied of my progress. I really found new friends among other students. I was very glad on my choose and with help of these people, I am sure to improve still. - Alessandra